About us

Who are we?

Write Here Write Now CiC is a Community Interest Company has been developed from the passion of Managing Director Dave Crathorne to improve Writing, ICT and Presentation skills, set up to support young people and vulnerable adults who have low literacy levels and would benefit from creative educational support using multimedia platforms.

What our our aims?

Need – Anti social behaviour and graffiti are real problems facing our communities today. These are, in the main caused by young people, especially boys.

Through our projects we aim to allow the expression of vocals and music, through developing a music track, using creativity to design some CD Artwork, and performance through a music video. This will channel artistic and vocal expression with emotion in a positive direction.

Will there be a demand? We have run an initial pilot study for this project to test demand.  The children were enthusiastic in all sessions, they completed additional written work at home, and the lyrics they wrote demonstrated a need for an outlet for them to express their thoughts through music and also though the creation of videos.

We believe that the demand for this project will be high as during the pilot study, the children maintained a 100% attendance and created a fantastic end product.

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