Our Purpose

The main purpose of the Write Here Write Now project is to create a safe and fun environment for children and young people to develop their writing and creative skills, while learning about music and video production, allowing freedom of expression, while being guided by the group’s rules of tolerance and sensitivity towards the other members.

Why was this project developed?

Music is everywhere. Young people communicate through music, and it is engaging. While participating within the group, and building good relationships, the participants will learn how to positively channel their feelings and emotions, whilst working together as a group, the children will develop social expression leading to better health and well-being. This attitude will be encouraged to be taken outside of the group to help the children and young people to take pride in themselves and their community, leading to a reduction in apathy and anti social behaviour.

The aim is to run an least 6 projects a year and to roll it out to community centres, especially those in deprived estates, where youth anti social behaviour is high.

Studies show that by the age of 9 years old, up to 40% of young people have no permanent male role model at home. We will promote positive male role models, that are not necessarily in a position of authority – for example a teacher or youth worker. These role models will then helping the children develop their own Music and Video using their own ideas.

Each child will have the opportunity to develop their IT skills through the Music and video editing software, and the design programs, giving each child access to a computer during the sessions, who may not have the chance to use a computer at home.
Each project will run over 12 sessions, of an hour each session.

The project will begin by splitting the children into smaller groups with each small group having their own roles, from planning the budget, creating their own brand, to contacting local businesses for sponsorship for costs including, DVD/CD design and publication and the day at the recording studio.

The children will learn how to create their own music samples on a computer, with any musicians in the group encouraged to record their own instruments to be used in the samples. These samples will then be compiled to create a music track. Subsequent sessions will give the group time to write their own thoughts and feelings, (these will be kept confidential, unless a member of the group wishes to share their writing with his peers) which will be complied by the leaders of the group into the lyrics for the track.

Over the 12 weeks the track will then be put together collectively, each member of the group taking an active role in the design for the CD and DVD, as well as the storyboard for the music video and the shooting of the video itself.

Each project will be run with the following objectives paramount in the delivery of each session:

  • To encourage children with low confidence to express themselves and develop social skills through role play, writing and performing, this reduces social exclusion, isolation and depression within young people.
  • The project is based in “design” so the music and video is driven by the children’s thoughts and feelings, enabling the child to enjoy and achieve.
  • The young people will grow to be more aware of their local area through the groups investigatory work, in finding local sponsorship and advertising to fund the recording studio and the CD printing and Duplication, which will build better relationships with young people and the perspective of young people in the local community.
  • Build friendship and respect between the group and the volunteer leaders, giving positive role models to the young people involved in the project within the community which will be encouraged to continue after the project ends.
  • Interaction with between the young people with local community leaders and businesses.

Some background

The “Every Child Matters” green paper identified five outcomes that are most important to the welfare of young people, in their report launched at the Children’s Plan Implementation conference in 2008. These five outcomes have been used as the basis for the session plans for the project.

The first two outcomes are “Be Healthy and Stay Safe“. Each project will be run in a safe environment promoting a team ethic working together to achieve the aim of the group to produce a Music CD and Video, with support workers from the Community centre’s offering education on living a healthy lifestyle.

The next two objectives are “Enjoy and Achieve and Make a Positive Contribution”. Each individual within the group will have the time and freedom in the session to express their views and creativity. Everyone in the group will be given the opportunity to take a lead in the various modules within the project, with the assurance that no individual will be forced to partake in a specific task that he/she would not be comfortable with.

The final outcome from the project is to achieve “economic wellbeing”. Aside from creating the music track and the video, each project will include a module on budgeting for the project covering any outgoings and plans for the requirements for sponsorship that will be needed to cover the costs.