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Back in mid 2015 we had the desire to create a ‘different kind of space’ for young people who help look after a relative in their family. These Young Carers may look after someone who is affected by illness, this could be a disability, illness, mental health condition, or a drug or alcohol problem. Because of the work we do in the local community we were painfully aware that there was a lack of provision for these young people to come together and have some fun! So in 2016 we launched Who Cares?

Who Cares is an activity hub offering young carers the opportunity to spend time away from their day to day responsibilities within the home. It’s a special place for them to attend where they can just be themselves, have some fun and meet other youngsters who they can share their experiences with.

During 2016 we provided monthly activity hubs and special days out for a growing number of young people from our base at The Chinnbrook Family & Community Project in Birmingham. We packed a lot into all of our sessions and fun was had by all! The vast array of activities are shown below:

Who Cares Activity Poster

In 2017 we have managed to secure more funding to enable this project to continue and grow whilst supporting these amazing young people and giving them an outlet to let off some steam! IMG_3344Our first event for the 2017 calendar is a visit to The Family Fun Zone at Star City and there are many exciting activities, days out and even a residential holiday planned for later in the year. We are committed to helping these young people enjoy life to the fullest alongside their caring role within their family.

Who Cares - Family Fun Zone - 25-03-17